Meaningful action and thoughtful direction are ingrained in our brand ethos. Our journey to create a aesthetic and resourceful luxury brand is just getting started. We are inspired by nature and our surroundings. We aim to give back to the earth and its inhabitants. We believe that transparency is an essential first step in this process and to this end, we are opening up the world of H&G, so we can share our progress with you.





The relationship between these three stakeholders are symbiotic. We recognize the need to be operating in harmony with one another.

There is no other habitable planet. Although Mars seems like a possibility, unless it is surrounded by animals, lush forests, trees, mountains, lakes, and oceans, it will not even come close to this beautiful planet.

At H&G, we recognize that we are all here to live in harmony WITH one another and not against each other. For this reason, being an environmentally friendly company is our utmost priority.

We are not saying that we have all the answers, but we want to keep you updated on the progress we've made so far. We'll continue providing you with updates along the way as we grow H&G through our customers, people and environment.

  • Biodegradable

    Made with mostly biodegradable materials so that your pajamas degrade naturally and don’t outlive you

  • Beautifully Packaged

    All orders come in our beautiful reusable gift box

  • Fair Wages

    Working only with accredited factories offering fair wages whilst maintaining the highest health and safety standard

  • Safe Working Conditions

    Regular visits to factories to ensure our people are happy and working in safe conditions

  • Reducing Over-production

    Limiting over-production by launching small collections

Currently striving towards

✧ 100% biodegradable packaging

✧ Giving back to the environment through bringing awareness to environmental causes

✧ Protecting one of the last ‘human-run’ factories in the world by raising their livelihood and helping to promote slow fashion

We are constantly aiming to assemble eco, ethical and sustainable fashion into one movement, to meet fundamental human needs, while allowing for the earth’s natural regeneration to take place.

We hope you join us on this journey.

With Love,

Team H&G